Enable tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot on your HTC Desire

I’ve just bought a new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet, which is a beautiful piece of kit. It’s Wi-Fi only – not 3G enabled, but I was assured that I could easily share my phone’s 3G connection with my tablet should I need data access on the move. However, while it turned out to be a rather simple solution, it’s not exactly made easy by Orange.

Before I show you what I did, here is my setup:

  • Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet running Android 3.1. This is standard (NOT rooted).
  • HTC Desire running Android 2.2. This is standard (NOT rooted).
  • Orange is my network provider.

I have no idea if my solution will work given any other setup, but this is what worked for me.

On your HTC Desire…

…we will change the details of an Access Point Name, which can be found here:

Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names

You should then see the following 3 Access Point Names:

  • Orange Internet
  • Consumer Broadband
  • Orange MMS

Select the Consumer Broadband option, and then make the following changes (case-sensitive!):

  1. Set APN to orangeinternet
  2. Set Username to Orange
  3. Set Password to Multimedia
  4. Set Authentication type to CHAP

Press the Menu button and then press Save.

Then just turn on your Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

On your Galaxy Tablet…

…just connect to your phone, which will be recognized as just another Wi-Fi network. Provide the necessary credentials and you’re good to go.

These steps are really simple and hardly worth documenting, so I won’t. But this process is worth documenting because it’s hardly something that the average non-technical user would be able to find. Thanks Orange.

We now have a working Wi-Fi hotspot and an internet-enabled non-3G tablet.



5 thoughts on “Enable tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot on your HTC Desire

  1. You star! Thanks. Orange should really have this configured out of the box, quite annoying! Thank goodness I didn’t go chasing my tail around the PDA Net links!!!!

  2. Hi folks, i think i have a problem, so please – send me your Help as soon as possible, directly to my Email (dodu25@abv.bg)
    So what’s all about…
    Our IT engineer decided to GIVE US some Internet and of course i was very thankfull about it. But, how disappointed i was when realized that my HTC Desire CAN’T receive and send Internet one and the same time 😦
    Is this an “Orange” issue or i’m just mixing the settuings up ?
    On the moment i click “Portable Wi-Fi hortspot, the phone AUTOMATICALLY shuts down the Internet connection (given by our Company) and starts 3G ….which unfortunately is not what i want !
    I have a 3G and i have plenty of Mbites on my card (A1 …Austria), but as i said – this is not what i was looking for.
    Please help me with this – how to set up my phone, so it’ll receive and GIVE Internet at the same time.
    The reason, i have a software on my HP laptopp that’s still not available on the Mobile market, so i CAN’T just donwload it on my Phone.
    So i need that connectivity (between HTC and HP) ! Actually, when the phone shuts down the Wi-Fi and start 3G, my laptop shows Excellent signal ! (just have no Internet at all 😦
    Thanks !

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