Setting up Ubuntu 11.10 for Rails development… Just Right!

Further to my previous post on how to setup Ubuntu 11.10 for Rails development, I have now created a bash installer script to automate the whole laborious process for your pleasure… well it’s for my own pleasure really, but I like to share!

There are two installer scripts:

  1. Ubuntu user will setup your Ubuntu 11.10 environment will all the usual goodies you normally should install after a clean install / upgrade.
  2. Rails developer will setup your Ruby environment using RVM, along with all the supporting things that you will need to get up and running in no time.

The installers are updated regularly so check the git pages for full details, but some of the key things that are installed are…

The Ubuntu user installer will hook you up with these (among others)…

  • Medibuntu repositories
  • Ubuntu Restricted Extras
  • Configuration Editor (dconf-tools)
  • Compiz Config Settings Manager
  • Synaptic
  • Terminator
  • GNOME Tweak Tool
  • VLC
  • Jupiter
  • Caffeine
  • Web apps and Sushi file previewer
  • Simple LightDM Manager
  • Sysmonitor App Indicator
  • Dropbox
  • OpenJDK (Java 7) – optional

Some of the things the Rails developer installer will setup are…

  • SSH key – optional
  • Essential Ubuntu libraries
  • Ruby 1.8.7 from Ubuntu repostories with additional libraries
  • Git and Git Gui
  • MySQL 5.1 with admin GUI tools
  • MongoDB 2.0.1 – optional
  • ack
  • ImageMagick
  • RVM (Ruby Version Manager) with these rubies: 1.8.7 stable and 1.9.2 stable

Head over to the git repository for instructions on how to run the installers and also for more details about what it actually installs:



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